Facts on File

Bring it Back

Released 2/26/2014

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LA Record
March 29, 2014

The sound is something that could have echoed from a basement in Olympia, WA back in the 90s, if somehow those riot rockers had convinced Byrne or Bowie to lend vocals to the band.

San Diego Troubadour
July, 2014

Post punk brilliance, starting with the minimalist shapes and color tones of the cover artwork and topped by a batch of excellent songs. The trio's music - equal parts drone, punk energy, rolling bass notes, twisted surf guitar lines, stop start vocals and more add up to a sound that harkens back to mid-eighties UK bands such as Jesus and Mary Chain or Echo and the Bunnymen. On the American side of things, think combos like Jonathan Richman and the Unknowns, with more than a bit of sixties melodic sensibilities and plenty of reverb. The ten tracks all hold up well, with just enough garage rock kick to make it an album you'll want to play loud. Favorite tune at the moment is opener "The Flood" which sounds like the Mighty Lemon Drops until it hits 2:06 and moves into Cramps territory for awhile. Also tops is "What You Want" with staccato vocal intro and near spy/ surf guitar intro - it's quirky and good, while "Get to know Me" adds a bit of bubblegum pop to the mix - great song. It took a couple of plays, but this album is a real grower.

Ears Wide Open: Facts on File
- Buzz Bands LA, March 8, 2012

Facts on File sound like a project David Byrne might've started in his garage in 1976, not such a bad thing for fans of angst-y post-punk or avant-garde pop... In sum, the album could be the soundtrack to this generation's uncertain future - or at least the dance party we throw to celebrate the present.

Facts on File Debut "How will We Get Along" (Video)
- Deli Magazine, March 9, 2012

- gritty and carefree, but with a hint of class. The three-piece creates infectious '60s-inspired pop tunes that burrow deep in your eardrums and invoke dance parties wherever they are played.

Discover the Undiscovered: Facts on File
- Filter Magazine, December 9 2011