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"Keep it Together" is available on classic 45RPM vinyl. It's only $5 plus $2 for shipping and comes with a digital version of our 4-song EP. Click the link below to purchase a copy. We'll ship you the record and email you a coupon code.

A-SIDE: "Keep it Together"
B-SIDE: "Cool Me Down"

Press / Reviews

Heroes of Indie Music - April 18, 2010

Heroes take on this mad mash-up is that this all came about from a lab mishap during the Human Genome Project Part 1. Part 1 took place years before the successful work completed in the 1990's. You see what happened was a sleep-deprived intern named Megan crashed her test tube cart into a glass cabinet filled with lively beekers of DNA. This DNA came from the remarkable samples of Alec Ounsworth, David Byrne and Kate Pierson. The short story is the collision and resulting new DNA became the basis for the members of Facts on File. They were genetically disposed to create this music that makes me smile and shake-a-leg to these carefree and joyful tunes.

The Weekly Volcano - April 18, 2010

The band Facts on File occupy a pretty specific time in music, when people like Television and Talking Heads were on the scene. These bands were creating a brand new sound, but going about it in a roundabout way. They embraced punk to a certain extent, but what they seemed to be striving for was to bring rock 'n' roll back down to eye-level; they still loved the art form, but rejected the bloat. Facts on File have keyed in on this minimalism.

Wiretap Music - April 8, 2010

The title track is a warm organ/bass/drums thumper that matches a nonchalant Yo La Tengo rhythmic feel with a big Cars hook. They keep the track simple, while maintaining a nuanced balance between the urgency and the bubblegum, with singer Joseph White's voice becoming unraveled as if he is frantically trying to hold on till the end of the song.

On the B side they produce a colder, more alienated tone, swapping jagged, overdriven guitar riffing for the organ. It's a heavier sound, showing an affinity for the New York punk scene of the late 1970s. White's baritone-falsetto voice is bound to draw comparisons to David Byrne's, but fortunately for the Facts, White avoids affectation and mimicry and is able to carry the record with the perfect amount of quirkiness.

The FMLY Blog - April 6, 2010

Facts on File is getting ready to release a debut seven-inch. Driven by a rolling baseball park-sounding organ and a healthy amount of post-punk angularity, "Keep it Together" sounds like a slick update of the stuff Elvis Costello and the Attractions were doing in the late Seventies.